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Friday, September 24, 2010

Could the day get worse??

 A bad week is ending with a worse than ever day.  Could it be worse?   I think not!  Yesterday, I lost my car key and had to walk my 8 year old to school (no big deal, but I didn't realize key was missing until 5 minutes before she was supposed to be there and it's a 15 minute walk for a kid)...  She was late.  My husband told me to order a new key so I would have a spare.  I didn't.  I should have.  So, I have an electronic key.  Today, I washed it.  My washing machine is next to my garage door.  Key washed.  Washing machine caused car door to lock.  Key fried.  Purse, kids backpacks, everything... in the car.  UGGG!  I called the car dealership to see what to do.  They said, no problem... all we need to order you a new key is $200, your driver license and registration.... where is my driver license and registration???  In the car... locked.  Mr. Dealerman says, "No Problem, there is a valet key inside of the electronic key, all you have to do is flip the little tab"... next problem.  I took that off yesterday and put it, still attached to my key chain and all my other keys,  in my car door (don't ask why... just did).   Good thing is that I have had my car serviced there before, so they have a record of me and the car and were kind enough to order me a key without seeing my registration and license.  Should be here Tuesday or Wednesday.... so I will have to take David to work and pick him up until then.  I parked my car in the middle of the garage because I was leaving to take Mackenzie to work before David got home.  Now, David can't pull his car in the garage until I get the new key.  What a lovely end to the day.... David feels sorry for me and takes me out to eat dinner.  I order a giant beer, and guess what the lady at the bar wanted??  My ID!  Seriously??  Thankfully, she took a better look at me and gave me that beer!  The day is almost over.  What will tomorrow bring?

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Christine said...

Oh my gosh!!! This made me laugh and laugh! What a day! I hope you can laugh about it now. I am so sorry it happened! Wow! Love and miss ya! I am lovin' readin' these!

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